Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pidgeman - We Won't Back Down

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First one at the Soundclick door this month is an obviously eager Pidgeman. Looking back over the past year or so, as you do at this time of year (hint, hint), it's nice to see that Pidgeman has had at least a couple of Must Have's from me in that time and - to be honest - that is quite satisfying. I have been following this UK based rock musician ever since I encountered him on the old MP3.Unsigned site a few years ago. His initial tracks didn't always find favour with me but, over the course of time, I have developed a taste for his songs. The last two, Letter of the Law (September 2010) and beat Of Halloween in particular, are stunning affirmations of the man's talent and progress during the years I have known him and are finding well deserved recognition as being his best work yet.

All of which heightens the pressure on this one ;)

We Won't Back Down is a collaboration with Tommy Moonan (aka Zombie Fodder), a musician he has worked with in the past to good effect. How would it sit with the newer, rawer Pidgeman of the last two tracks though? Suffice to say, as you may gather from the title, is a modern day protest song, so lets do some politics. Here in the UK, this generation just discovered an eternal truth: Politicians lie. In this case, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are, rightly, struggling with their blatant disregard for their voters and the UK student population's anger about it. No doubt this is front page news in most places in the world so a highly topical song, right? Well, I would guess that would depend on a) whether you like a great rock song and b) what your political view is. The central question of the song being ''is this what you call a democracy?' and the answer being 'is it ****'

The music for the track came from Tommy who rocks as hard and fast (if not faster) than Pidgeman, while the vocals (from Pidgeman well on form) on the song gives it the right combination of strength and anger to put it across. I would have expected nothing less of course, at least going by past behaviour. Given the current news background, this is a track that deserves to get much wider attention, especially among the disaffected student population to which it alludes. Certainly if I were Pidge I would have some of the student radio stations in my sights for promotion. Setting aside the politics though, this is a cracking rock song, and that is what will get it heard in the right places.

Highly Recommended protest rock. (Ed: damn are those students being revolting again??)

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