Friday, December 17, 2010

Densyl - Christmas is All About/I'm Gonna Get You

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I'll give you one guess as to who broke the universal taboo this year and foisted a (shudder) Christmas song onto my review list? As you know, I'm very much a bah humbug kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, I have children, I am duty bound to enjoy Christmas on their behalf. I don't know about you guys but the whole commercial lets-all-be-jolly routine just leaves me cold. I thank all the lucky talismans I own (Ed: many thousands, he's a complete nutter) however, that I am not a) American or b) Canadian because by God if you think Christmas is a bit much in the UK. So much sugar and sweetness and light which, to be honest, I find very hypocritical. Still each to their own, I let them get on with it while I sit around sucking on my humbug. There again, Densyl is used to my diatribes about this that and the other, I've subjected him to enough.
Sorry serious apology time.

Densyl's work is not to my taste (usually) but that doesn't stop me noting that he is good at what he does, but when he works with other people the effect can be something else, as his collaborative effort with Matt Tyson with Hope Is All About (March 2010) so aptly shows. The only reason I am still within a thousand miles of a C word song is because Christmas is All About also features Matt. Despite the title resemblance these are different tracks, where Hope is All About is highly reminiscent of Beach Boys circa 1968 whereas Christmas etc is much more the Beach Boys goes really mainstream but again shows that Matt is a highly versatile vocalist. I'm sure there will be a huge audience for this, despite all my crabby carping, because it is beautifully done.

To leaven my obvious pain, Densyl supplied an antidote, in the shape of I'm Gonna Get You. Scene: outside, car chase. Densyl explains 'it's a story about police chasing the bad guys', so I just hope you are not as old as me because the very first cudgel I am going to be looking at is 1960's cop shows. Densyl must have subliminally known that because instead he focused on another 1960's sound and one I have much more time for. I'm Gonna Get You comes across as a really easy listen, a classic rock song (think the Doors in their pop prime). I am a sucker for this kind of material, I have to say, but I am also usually more critical because of that but all I got from this track was a warm glow to go along with the heartburn the C word song gave me.

Highly Recommended (sticks fist in mouth) C********* song.

Highly Recommended B movie too ;)

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