Friday, December 31, 2010

Scheezy McGee - Be There

Hear The Track Here

Damn this has been a good year at Soundclick for hip hop! Take American rapper Scheezy McGee for example. Only met him when I reviewed L.O.V.E. (August 2010), just a few short months, and since then he has imprinted his style on me in no uncertain manner. While it is true that I do have a taste for the more adventurous rappers and hip hop musicians, I can still find some of the more commercial offerings palatable, my preference is for people like Scheezy, Gangbangsters, Twizzie et al. More to the point, and the further we get down this particular musical path, can they really accurately be called hip hop? Scheezy's last track Hands (October 2010) was a real eye opener and was almost alternative in feel.

What really marked Hands out for me was the blinder chorus, which btw just gets better with time, and if you agree then BOY are you in for a treat! In fact, although it is a bit on the rough side aurally, I kinda think it wouldn't work if you'd smoothed out the sound. More to the point, this track - whatever it's aural state - kicks some royal butt with a chorus that takes off like a rocket and a song that'll have you nodding and 'yeah yeah'-ing all the way through. OK, it has to be said that a lot of my liking for this is because it's roots are more in rock than hip hop but IMHO it's a highly creative blend of the two so who ******* cares?

Scheezy McGee is also that rare rapper who bothers to publish his lyrics and believe me understanding them makes the track resonate much more. If, that is, you can get past that dynamite chorus. Tell you what, I've heard power snare sounds all my life but this track carries one that'll crack skulls up and down the land and is one of the major components of said chorus. Over a period of time, the sheer amount of ideas; musically, vocally, lyrically really elevate this track way above the norm and is definitely the best thing I have heard from him yet. Truly different, and unlikely to come off my playlist any time soon.

MUST HAVE rock/hip hop hybrid.

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