Sunday, December 19, 2010

333maxwell - Christmas

Hear The Track Here

Second on the Gilmore Christmas List of Shame is a real surprise, 2009's Artist of The Year 333maxwell because this is definitely one guy who knows that this time of year tests my tolerance somewhat. There again, Max is well versed in living dangerously because, ofttimes, he has been known to sound like another of my pet hates, Sir Paul MacCartney. However, to be fair, only in his most lachrymose (Ed: I dunno, look it up. What do you think Google is for?) moments. MacCartney that is, not Max. So, given these massive impediments to success Gilmore style, how did 333maxwell end up as my AOTY last year? Much, much more importantly for me, is he giving me this year in retaliation for last year? These awards are known to have some nasty side effects, or so I have heard...

Anyway, lets change the subject right quick.

Plain fact is, all joking aside now, that 333maxwell is just a consummate musician and one I can readily identify with EVEN when he has the temerity to not only use pixie dust in this production, but then has the brass neck to boast about it in public. I don't know. Some people have no shame. Usually those who get sucked into this whole Christmas thing, which reminds me... Funny thing is that making a truly memorable Christmas song is nigh on impossible, especially when everything stacks up against I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas by The Voice. Mind you, if any musician I know could carry it off successfully I would always place my bet on 333maxwell unerring (nay uncanny) skill at hitting the right sweet spot. Even though I may hate him unmercifully for subjecting me to it.

I do beg you to try and endure the extremely Christmassy beginning because the real meat and taters of this Christmas song is the blues, in all its glory. OK, jazzy shade of blues but still... Suffice to say, as almost any 333maxwell track, there isn't going to be much to piss and moan about with the production, performance and mix as we've discovered a million times already and are heartily sick of saying so. It only leaves people like me the tiniest little holes to pick at and, to be frank, that's not a whole lot of fun. Surprisingly enough, after all this blather and blarney, this track is a whole lot of fun. Which means that I wrote Max's name on the aforementioned List of Shame in invisible ink so he's safe for yet another year. .......just.

Highly Recommended Christmas Cheer with built-in warm glow.

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