Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Farrell Jackson - It's Time U Faced It

Hear The Track Here

Sounds crazy to say it, but opening up my blog to reviews has changed my life, in more good ways than bad but one thing it does demand is time, and lots of it. It's also widened the range of musicians I am able to access, while restricting my access to other musicians who have become favourites. One consequence is that I can no longer find the time to review out of other websites like, for example, Mixposure which is where I know Farrell Jackson from. Thankfully he also has a Soundclick page so at least I get good old fashioned classic rock into my system every once in a while. If the name is unfamiliar to you, then I heartily suggest you check him out, he has had at least three Must Have's from me since The Train To Normal (January 2009) and that's no bad going at all.

Speaking of Mixposure, Farrell shares the spotlight with another famous Mix name, Buddrumming who - not surprisingly - is a drummer (among other skills). His contribution to this track also included knob twiddling but certainly the main weight falls on Farrell who supplies 'all vocals, all guitars, bass, song production and mixing' not to mention writing it in the first place. As I mentioned earlier, Farrell specialises in classic rock, and does it very well indeed but..(Ed: uh oh) Got to tell you, some parts of It's Time U Faced It sound eerily like Yes in their heyday and that would be prog rock wouldn't it and you know that brings me out in a rash of venom.

Mind you, to give them their due, Yes in their early days were amazing musicians and - much more to the point - inspirational vocalists and is really the one consistent thing I have liked about them, even at their most pompous. Farrell turns out a faultless performance of the vocal section in question which happens right at the end of the track. What you get beforehand is a steamy, highly active rock song with some of the best guitar melody lines I have heard in a good while. What it shows, more than anything, is the sheer attention to detail both Budd and Farrell are capable of, because - as a piece of music - it's almost faultless.

Highly Recommended Classic Rock song.

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