Thursday, December 16, 2010

Andrey Mishchenko - I'll be there for you (Run for the Sun)

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Like all writers, I take a certain small pride in my ability with words. After all, it's what I do. Like most older people I get vexed at sloppy spelling and punctuation that is so evident in the modern world. I have always been a spelling buff, learning words and then being able to use (and spell them) correctly is second nature to me. So it's a given that I am bound to practice hard spellings and - surprisingly enough - I still struggle with Andrey Mishchenko's surname but I will get it one day. Oh yes I will. Mind you, I think he's going to help me in this endeavour by coming up with tracks for me month after month. Oh happy day.

Over the past couple of tracks we have discovered that this Russian musician, while being good at said music, isn't a natural born singer. Moreover, being Russian he has a bit of an accent and that doesn't help much either. So, having said that, let's continue. ' This is the most complex song I ever wrote & performed' Andrey informs me and goes on to add that he is joined in the vocal department by his eight year old daughter. As a father myself, I can testify by the delight and/or horror in trying to work with young children and music and what often sounds good to us parents, doesn't sound so much when you are (just) a listener. Andrey impressed me first and foremost with his grasp of what makes classical music work so well, and he has gone on to apply that with rock - not necessarily with the best results.

Classic rock is what he does, and if you like a hefty wodge of prog-rock into the bargain, certainly musically Andrey has much to offer. As always, it comes down to a question of personal taste so while I could quite happily rip whole chunks out of this for one thing or another, it would only because - to be honest - it isn't to my taste. Other than the vocal, I can't point at anything that makes me say this is not right. Moreover, if you like multi-faceted, dense music (in a prog rock way) then you would find much to enjoy (at least musically) on this strange little track.

Got to agree with him about it being his most complex piece yet.

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