Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nuff X - Weirdo

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Nuff X and Weirdo, musician and song title have a certain symmetry for me. I mean this in the nicest possible way but there is no denying - musically at least - that Nuff X has turned to the Odd Side. He has always had a taste for the odd and bizarre and was one of my introductions to the whole glitch music thing, and believe me that is a trip worth taking so it's a given that Nuff will pretty much find favour with me. I first came across him in late 2005 (Ed: in April 2005, with Heaven. Get it right) and considering he is only in his early twenties now, he's still got lots of things left to do. But, in a slight return, let the man tell you himself...' I think I have brought the nuffcore back'

To those leading a sheltered life, Nuffcore is the man's own invention and is the form in which I started to really appreciate his work. He has, like any good musician, wandered hither and yon musically but to my mind never far from what he knows best - a style he developed. Nuffcore, then never went away for me, in fact if I remember rightly Tunnel Vision (October 2010) because of that very thing so fret not Nuff ol' chum. Worry more about my next statement. I never thought I would ever see any resemblance between Nuff X and Fear 2 Stop but they certainly share a sound together on this track.

Nobody in their right mind would think that a track with this title is going to be easy listening and so it proves. Definitely going to be into sliced beats, diced instruments and a nice meaty stew to really get into this. That, or an addiction to what Nuff X serves up as a main food group. I still suspect. however, that Nuff is between two points musically: where he has been and where he is going to. As such then, Weirdo is a lot of fun for people like me who actually do like the weirder noises, but probably not really for people who need some general sense of well being about their music...

Recommended slice 'em and dice 'em.

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