Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inessa Lee - Living Doll tracks

Hear The Track Here

From Valdivostok (my last reviewee) to Zhytomyr, Ukraine for the next one. Actually, not quite true. Inessa Lee is based now, I think, in LA and if she isn't then she definitely deserves to be, as I am about to show you. Inessa is (I quote) 'a singing doll with angelic voice and emerald green eyes' and she is exactly that but so much, much more. She's a professional belly dancer into the bargain, featuring that talent to HUGE effect in the videos I am going to point you towards. I see you raising your eyebrows, and don't think I don't. I have confessed, time and again, to being turned by a beautiful face and body, I make no secret of it, why should I? So although my initial reaction to meeting her (as it were) was pwwwwooooaaaahhhh (Ed: English sound of male lust I believe), I overrode that and forced me to go back and watch the videos time and again.

As. If.

I went back time and again because Inessa Lee has that rare thing: the whole package - and it isn't what you might think judging by the comments above. Sure she is drop dead gorgeous but I am interested in the music and that is where it all works for me. So, music, check. Image,check. Video moves? Check. See, what I mean, the whole package. I must admit I am struck by her (slight) resemblance to Avril Lavigne and the similarity of some of the styles, but it is a passing resemblance. Not that I am implying Inessa is copying, her music is totally different and it fits HER like a glove (Ed: as does most of her clothing, I saw the videos too ha ha ha). Three songs are part of the Living Doll set; Play With Me (there is a live belly dancing video of this) which, to be honest, I found a bit too blandly Euro for my tastes.

The real jewels here though are Write Me and Remember Me with the latter being the absolute standout video and song. Write Me was the first video I watched and as much as the awesome eye candy caught my attention, it couldn't detract from Write Me establishing itself in my mind as a very fine song, beautifully performed and produced. Remember Me, however, is the killer punch, as beautiful a song as the lady singing it; her presence fills every single inch of the screen demanding that you pay attention to her, the music completely in tune with the images (with one small exception), especially the closeups. The camera loves this face too. Remember Me is an awesome track in every respect, musically, production, look and feel. The chorus absolutely devastates me and you know I don't like any of that sloppy stuff, When she says you are in her heart, she makes you believe it. If she isn't a monster star there is no justice.

MUST HAVE heartbreaker.

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