Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Intake - Moments + Definition LP

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Out of the steaming morass that laughingly calls itself my blog comes a review request from Intake, a Dallas based Alternative Rock band. Seems like I have reviewed countless bands from Texas in general and Dallas in particular so God knows what they put in the water over there but no doubt I want some of it. Now, where we waz...(Ed: good grief) Ah yes, Texan musicians. Dallas, all joking aside, has a long and illustrious rock music history and - having been there once or twice - I know it is a tough gig. Gotta have your stuff together. Besides that, anyone who can name themselves after their appetites (or intake) can't be all that bad, can it?

As a child, I had the great good fortune to grow up beside the sea in a small town in England called Teignmouth. It's never been famous for anything really and, truth to tell, it was always a bit seedy. Not true any more though because one of Intake's prime influences, it would seem, is Muse, who are Teignmouth's most famous sons and a damn fine rock band into the bargain. Having said that, I can't say that I actually like them, but I am not the one the music is aimed at. Funnily enough, here is yet another American band with a definite English sound and style but I think that's probably a by-product. Given that Jonathan Camacho (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Johan Camacho (drums), Jonny Martin (Bass) and Daniel Colina (piano, vocals, trumpet, percussion) put down and produced everything you hear, they all deserve a nice rest. Production, arrangement and performance were all really well done, and it isn't often I get to write that - especially about Alternative rock.

Aaahh, but this has a brain...

That'll be the missing ingredient, but the vital one with Intake I suspect. Moments + Definition is an eleven track LP, with each one showing a different facet of the band - which is undoubtedly the whole point of the exercise. Of course it means that it requires some time from the listener so although you might get snagged by a drive by listen, it would definitely work if you gave the music a bit of time to work on you. There are a lot of clever ideas, smart thinking about how to present them and so many good things in each track that trying to nail it all down is like trying to pick up quicksilver with a spoon. Definitely have a listen to Chasing Love (featuring Josephine Grace) because that was the one that most appealed to me the most overall. Guaranteed you are not going to hear trumpet in many tracks these days (outside of the Latin genre that is) but Daniel Colina turns in some fine additions to the proceedings. All told, a very worthwhile listen, especially if you like intelligent, well thought out music.

Highly Recommended Alternative

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