Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Timmy Sells His Soul - Those Adorable Keres

Hear The Track Here

You catch me in my Cranky Old Man(tm) Cosy Rocking Chair because I was just going over some of the many, many memories that a new Timmy Sells His Soul track often engenders - along with a rising panic and a tendency to hyper-ventilate. Way back in the mists of Soundclick time, the site was crammed to the rafters with lunatics. Not the 'Oh my God, look out for that axe!' variety of course, that would be silly. Nope musical lunatics, o most stunned of eyeballs. S'sright. Sonic hooligans such as drt, refrag and too many others too name were everywhere, but are now sadly absent. And then there was Dross. Dross lived in a world of their own, and if you went there your life was changed forever so the less said about that the better. And then Dross begat Timmy Sells His Soul.

Not really, but it scans better that way.

Timmy etc is the musical lovechild of one Daniel Euphrat (half of Dross I think) and, in many ways is just as strange a planet as Dross was. So mark my words, unless your Mom and Grannie think Pilesar is the musical dogs bollocks as well as a charming young man, best not to play any Timmy in their presence. You may not have been bounced on your head as a child but it's never to late to learn, know what I mean? All of which, as you suspected, is just me trying to avoid the act of describing what exactly Daniel (and Timmy) have set before us this time. In my review of Cop Cars Like Sharks (May 2010) I mentioned that this musician hadn't, until then, done 'pretty' much and the track contained some surprisingly pretty sections. I say this because, often in the past, this musicians tracks have come in handy as ear syringes. Noise is what the man usually does, and I mean that in the nicest way and my ears feel so much cleaner and softer afterwards too.

The really surprising thing is that I actually liked Those Adorable Whatsnames and even felt, suspiciously, that it could even be (gulp) recognisable as a.....s-o-n-g. Yes, my jaded friends, you may gape. OK, it isn't like a normal song. All la la, tra la fekkin la, that isn't what gives Timmy a tingly todger, but it's as close to reality as I have ever seen this musician come in many years of study. It's even charming in its own distorted, twisted and slightly seamy at the edges way. Billed as Alternative and believe me, it doesn't come much more alternative than this, Timmy Sells His Soul have a special place in my padded cell and have done for a long time because as mad as a box of frogs as he is, the music has weight and substance although it's best not to swallow it.

Surprisingly commercial Timbo? Highly Recommended oddity.

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