Monday, December 27, 2010

NorwoodZero - If I Met A Girl Demo

Hear The Track Here

It's a funny world, folks. I have spent the last week racking my brains to see if I knew anyone who came from Pennsylvania. Now considering that Pennsylvania is an American state that holds some many millions of souls, you would think that I would know one of them. What does this do with the whole six degrees of separation theory? And no, it's not the place where vampires live, so lets put that one to rest immediately. So why was I net sleuthing the entire population of a large American state? Well, because I have a sneaking suspicion that someone there is trying to set me up. OK, OK, who hummed the X-Files theme tune?? I'm serious, ya damn varmints, and it's no joking matter because your intrepid reviewer faces a dilemma.


Now I can look at this situation one of two ways; either it's a setup or NorwoodZero is so new and raw to this game that he hasn't given much thought to the impact of uploading what he does. So what does he do? It says, in the genre listing, that it's Rock general but I'd say it was more general than anything. Certainly rock doesn't have to much to do with the proceedings although something resembling it can be glimpsed from time to time. More to the point if chaotic recording and extremely odd arrangement, with a very, very lo-fi approach, don't sound that appealing, best give this a wide berth. The reason I feel it may be a setup is that there is no information whatsoever on the webpage and the track makes so many basic mistakes, even an absolute beginner would be hard pressed to carry it off.

Come on, you mutter, we've dealt with Patrick Lew, we are battle hardened. Yep, that's as may be, but I had a hard time sorting this one and I suspect you may too. Besides the haphazard arrangement and behind the beat overdubs, not to mention the disjointed way each section is cobbled together, the real culprit here is the vocal which has no power whatsoever being sung in almost a whisper against the chaos. Obviously home recorded then but even so, other tracks manage to clean up quite nicely. The only thing this track need is a whole new re-think about what it should be, rather than the mess it is right now. Admittedly it does state in the title that it is a demo, but even so...

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