Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rustik - Hoodie Back On

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers will already know that December is not a kind month to yours truly, and not merely because I'm a miserable old bastard that hates Christmas, although I freely admit that this does play a part. Nope, when December rolls round I get to do double duty (yippeee not) because while I am working my way through the months reviews, I am also working my way the years reviews in time for the 8th presentation of the Stevie's (Ed; Don't ffs ask...). So while I am in dual mode, one thing about this year is obvious year End Review material, that of the rise of Soundclick based hip hop musicians and rappers such as Gangbangsters, Twisted Angel and Rustik. I am not saying they are in any way similar to each other but to me that share an ethos that hip hop CAN be intelligent.

Yeah, there's a thing indeed.

Having said that, the first people to get into this track in my house were my 11 year old boys (I have twins) who absolutely loved this to bits from the first time I played it. Sooooo, not only am I now committed to getting them an Ipod Nano (X2 remember) but I have to make sure I put this on it too. Thanks Rustik, and a Merry Christmas to you too. I jest of course, not about the kiddie blackmail, that's real enough, but obviously Rustik plays no part in it. I think. The reason my boys like the track is obvious. It's as catchy as a virulent plague, and probably as effective on the rest of the 11 year old population as well so Rustik should be feeling pleased right about now.

Actually, he's had a great year. I've reviewed six of his tracks this year and he's bagged two Must Haves and nothing less than highly recommended on the others so it shows why I think this is going to be something to highlight this year. Hoodie Back On finds Rustik at his simplest, a commercial pop rap that shrieks radio play with every languid note and a chorus that it is impossible to ignore and impossible to stop singing once you've ignored it - as it were. I have a suspicion, however, that I am going to end up hating this track, and not because of anything Rustik is doing wrong, but because I am going to be hearing this a whole lot more than most tracks.

Extremely winning hip hop pop. Highly Recommended.

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