Friday, December 17, 2010

Moral Factor - Apagando la tele

Hear The Track Here

'It's in Spanish' German Gabriel Gorchs (aka Moral Factor) explains helpfully, little suspecting the problems I have with my own language let alone someone else's gobbledegook. Mind you, people have been known to think that I write with an accent (from Pluto, Nepture or a planet far, far away according to which email you are reading). For me, however, the language isn't really the issue here because the one thing that truly unites all of us is the language of music itself. I am actually very partial to Spanish music (stress on the Spanish ie not Latin) and I have even ventured into the field myself once or twice, usually from an acoustic world music angle. Surprisingly enough, Apagando la tele is an acoustic track so....

Yahay!! Quids in already. (Ed: see? Pluto. Now what does that mean?)

This is Moral Factor's third turn up to bat, and the previous couple of tracks - Travelling Guns (November 2010) and Breaking Point (October 2010) - didn't fare too badly with Breaking Point coming out slightly ahead of the other. How does that translate when you are yowling in a foreign tongue though, I wonder? OK, well, the very first image I had was Antonio Banderas in Desperado (the El Mariachi English version) which just goes to show where my head is at. What the music shows, more than anything else, is that Moral Factor sounds even better in his own language and style than he does when he steps out into the world. Mind you, that's my world bias speaking so probably best to ignore it.

The translation of the title is (AFAIK) literally 'TV off' which is not a bad idea, except that then everyone would see what's really going on and we'd have much more rioting in the streets. Me, I'm all for a quiet life, so let them have TV (and cake too if they want it). All a matter of choices innit? See, if I had my druthers, I much prefer the raw, almost live feel of this track simply because he really shows that underneath the production polish (kinda/sorta), beats the hands and brain of a seasoned guitarist. Now whether it's because he is singing in his own language and is therefore more comfortable, or whether it's the song itself but I like this - as basic as it is. So, new years resolution: TV off, brain in gear. Muy recomendable. (Ed: see that? I did that! Habla Espanol andalay!!).

Highly Recommended World music.

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