Monday, September 29, 2008

SilentWave Ent - I Rap

Hear The Track Here

OK, now I am officially puzzled. I've seen a few things in my time on Soundclick but I think this is the first time I have ever seen a banner at the top of this artists page that says 'This account is currently under review' accompanied by a debt red border that is - well - intimidating. Why is this artist under review? More to the point, wtf IS being under review? Certainly has nothing to do with me, that's for sure but hey, I am interested in the way Soundclick works. If the name SilentWave is ringing bells that's because I reviewed their multi-rapper New World Order (May 2008) and liked it despite some small quibbles. I know that, like a lot of hiphop artists, SilentWave's work often carries a Parental Warning but nonetheless...

Enquiring minds want to know.

'I don't give a f***' is one motif that instantly impresses itself on your mind when you hear the track, accompanied by a veritable flood of similar phrases all sprinkled with cusswords. Well, so far, so Parentell Advisory but for us so-called grown ups, does this track hold any allure at all. We've all heard cursing used in place of real linguistic ability, and whenever I have encountered it being used just to fill space in the past I have tended to be harsh. As I say, I'm supposed to be a grown up, and I didn't find I Rap offensive in the slightest. Mind you, I am a loud-mouthed gobby bastard when I want to be, so I feel at ease with this method of passing information. And therein lies the difference between using profanity as a space filler and using it to EMOTE.

And f*** me (Ed: OK, Gilmore enough now) if the track isn't a blinder too. If you are sufficiently up on my reviewing you will know that I get through a lot of hiphop so I'm going to spot something good. THIS, my mind boggled friends, is something good. In rap/hiphop the game is lost and won in two areas; musical ideas and lyrical flow. I Rap is packed to the rafters with both; aided by someone called Frost & Omega delta. Whoever got this little beauty together deserves a nice big round of applause because this is killer, classic f*** you rap of the first order. You know I am not going to say that lightly and here is the proof.

MUST HAVE bad boy rap (Note: contains many, many curse words)

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