Friday, September 19, 2008

Wreckless Music Ejay - Shine ft Shaky Shake

Hear The Track Here

Nothing whatsoever, as I discovered, to do with the musical software, Wreckless Music Ejay is an American hiphop artist who I have reviewed a couple of times in the past. Kinda liked So Focused (Stand Up) (June 2008) and I still have it on my hard drive - even if I haven't played it in a while. It says something that it's still there, believe me. I am a compuslive pruner; a head here, and arm there, I have no mercy. Only the very best tracks survive the onslaught and it shows that Wreckless tracks have the legs to last a while. Hip hop is also one of the genres I am most harsh about getting right, and depends on the next track....

...because that's what its all about ;)

The lo-fi way that Wreckless works with works best when he's sharp and to the point as So Focused showed and I'm glad to see that it's also a major part of Shine. What is also apparent is that the musical backing track is taking no prisoners either and - as weird as this sounds - sound like something Barclay James Harvest would have come up with back in the day. Put that against vitriolic urban rap and believe me the effect is strangely familiar.

Catchy, instantly rememberable choruses seem to be a usual feature of Wreckless Music Ejay tracks and Shine is no exception; it has a great one. Mind you it has to because otherwise that backing track would snatch it all away, so keen is it to get your attention. What you should do, above all, is to give this track the time to work its way into your head because it is an excellent rap - and I don't get to say that very often.

Excellent Indie hiphop. Highly Recommended.

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