Friday, September 19, 2008

Geiger 167 - Lovesick Fool Remix

Hear The Track Here

Here's another MP3 Unsigned artist I could have sworn I had reviewed before but apparently not. It just goes to show when you are cruising forums just how much a good name sticks in the mind I guess. Although Lovesick Fool has been available for well over a year, in the process it has undergone some extensive remixing and remodelling. Playing the part of Sorcerers Apprentice is guitarist Joseph Rodrigeuz, who is fast becoming the busiest session musician on that site. Not a bad thing at all, because in collab or in his own right, Joseph's work always has that extra polish and energy.

Like many of us, Geiger 167, came back to music recently after a long break. Considering that he's only been releasiing music on the internet since mid-2007, he's got a fair few tracks on his page ranging from Techno, Electronica and Pop. As it happens Lovesick Fool is a blend of electronica and pop that is strongly influenced by 1980's electro-pop and - in particular - the legendary Vince Clark. Into this excellent mixture, Joseph Rodriguez drips funky links to sweeten the taste and it all works surprisingly well.

Took me a couple of plays to really start appreciating it though, and I'm still not sure why. After all, it is one of the hallmarks of this particular style, that instant hook. Geiger 167 describes himself as a 'singer/songwriter from the north east of the UK' and that is following in a fine tradition. I couldn't see any of the vocal problems hinted at in the early comments on this song so I presume the remix worked that out because I wasn't able to pick any holes in this. At the end of the day, however, it's the song that counts and Lovesick Fool is a terrific song with a nod to pop history. Just my cup of tea, old chap.

Excellent 80's flavoured electro-pop. Highly Recommended.

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