Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mike-K - Springtime Serenade

Hear The Track Here

Mike Kohlgraf is a veteran of the music scene we all inhabit, and a long time member of Soundclick's active community firstly through his reviews (back in the day) and latterly through his Flavour Of The Genres stations and his live Saturday Night Rocks radio show. He is also, as you would expect, a musician in his own right and a collaborator with many, many friends to play with. Names such as Jim Miller, Maria Daines, Christopher Martin Hansen dot his page and if those names mean less than nothing to you where the **** have you been for the past five years, certainly not on Soundclick obviously.

All musicians love new toys be they physical or virtual, and Mike is no exception. His recent purchase of the latest Band In A Box is the latest toy in his arsenal and he's obviously been inspired because there has been a veritable flood of tracks since he got it. First and foremost Mike is a guitarist, as is evident from the arrangement and style, but he also a deft producer and you won't find a hair out of place on most of his tracks. You would have to like the smoother side of music, which I personally don't, but there is no doubt that makes very accessible 'easy listening' tracks.

Aided this time by Mixposure's RWK (a very fluid and proficient plank spanker) the end result of the venture is - surprisingly - similar to a past track from Mike with Kephas taking over the lead guitar duties. I'm not sure whether that is because of the guitar tone he is using or the construction of the track itself, which kinda demands these short, effective guitar runs. So if you like guitar instrumentals AND you like easy listening you are quids in with this particular track. Personally, as Mike knows only too well, I'm not a fan of the style but I do recognise quality when I hear it and that is one thing that is always true of Mike's work.

Highly Recommended guitar instrumental.

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