Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AvMo - Learn To Live

Hear The Track Here

AvMo is a new name to me, but maybe not to you because I know he has been around a while, and even I can't hear everything. Morris Avrashi (aka AvMo) is a Canadian classic rock artist (Ed: seems to be an awful lot of them) who seems to be on many sites (never a bad thing). I got this review request from POPspace but I know he posts in Soundclick's forums and has a Soundclick page. I am always partial to classic rock in most forms but when I saw (while downloading the track) that AvMo cites 70's rock and Styx as an influence, I have to say my hopes plumetted. Not my kind of rock at all, probably because of prolonged exposure to both Styx and Kansas back in the day.

OK, who said, 'feck me, that's old'? That's not nice.....or legal :P

There is a riff used in this track that I know for a fact that I've a million times before, one of those riffs that bugs you until you get where it originated from. So thanks a lot for that AvMo, guaranteed to keep me awake for nights and nights on end. Mind you, I'd already identified several other nods to 60's and 70's rock from Cream, to the aformentioned Styx and even some ZZ Top so it's a ready made heaven for fans of the genre and the time.

Where it falls down, in my opinion, is in some of the instrument sounds, particularly the opening phrase. It's also got a bit of a rough mix that makes it sound 'boomy' on most things I've played it on. It has to be said that you should really be a fan of the genre to get something out of this track but nonetheless shows that this is a rock musician I'm going to be checking out further, even if this track doesn't actually float my boats.

Workmanlike classic rock with TONS of musical references. Recommended for that.

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