Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cam's Even Song - Seeing Darkness

Hear The Track Here

It's been almost two years since Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) won my acclaimed - by me anyway - Artist Of The Year award. If you don't think that amounts to much, let me tell you that Nad Sylvan, Jim-n-Lisa and Maria Daines and Paul Killington were previous winners, so its not peanuts ya know? Cam shows absolutely no sign whatsoever of resting on such tawdry laurels, as the string of Must Haves he has enjoyed since then testifies. Like any good musician, Cam's work just keeps getting better and better, and vocally the man is definitely on the rise. The last couple of tracks (and this one incidentally) have shown a new vocal maturity that I find immensely satisfying, but I am a long term, die hard Cam fan.

If you've been on Soundclick for about five minutes and don't know this artist, you should know why Cam is held in such high regard amongst all manner of SC denizens. His music, purely and simply, makes you feel good. Really, really good on ocassion, and Seeing Darkness is one of them. Cam's music and voice carry a lightness to them that infects everything he does, and when he comes up with the right song the result is an instant grin moment. The first time around, I knew this track was going to be a corker and - as usual - the more you played it, the more you played it If you know what I mean. Cam hasn't just raised the bar on his vocals, he's done it with arrangement and production tricks.

The chorus on this track is shiver inducing, especially if you are a fan but this is a track that could melt even the hardest heart. Propellled by a lovely acoustic guitar sound Seeing Darkness is a pop powerhouse and catchy as hell, as you will discover if you even give it a glancing listen. The real magic, for this reveiwer anyway, has always been in Cam's very prodigious songwriting skills. In all the years I have known him, and through countless tracks (he has some 211 tracks on ONE of his Soundclick sites) I have never known him to put a foot wrong as far as the song goes. He is lyrical, funny, biting but always immensely entertaining. Seeing Darkness is a song about how our perceptions change as we grow older and look back at things once deemed important. Yep, Cam's on the loose again and I am soooooo glad.

MUST HAVE rock pop song.

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