Monday, September 08, 2008

Buzrk - Threatening Level

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This is what, the sixth track or so I have reviewed from this USA based hiphop rapper, and I've become only too aware of what he is capable of. Out of those tracks only one was really good enough (IMveryHO obviously) for me to feel I could recommend it. The Emissary (March 2008) gave me a glimpse of how good this rapper could be given the right material, and given that he is recording the rap is a very basic, unadorned way. I feel that has been the overridding negative factor in all of the tracks I have reviewed and - wherever possible - I try to take that into account. After all, we all have to work within our limitations.

Buzrk has always been a bit of a wordy rapper and again, this has weighed against him in the past and unfortunately Threatening Level tends to be a bit crowded too. Like a lot of Soundclick rappers, Buzrk either gets his beats and musical backing from the endless 'beat producers' that infest the place, or in collaboration with other artists such as Silentwave Ent. This one comes from Sinima Beats (pronounced cinema) and sounds like it too. Put it like this, I did a mental double take when I first started to hear the track because the intro certainly didn't sound anything like this artist has worked with before.

Right at its heart, this track has a meaty drum and bassline that propels the string-drenched along but also points out the odd cuttoff right at the end of that sound (at least the first time it occurs). Nonetheless, its a different enough backing that should get it some attention. Buzrk, as always, does what he does and - now I've heard him enough - I can see that each track is stretching him more and more. My problem with this track was that the rap became a little too uniform for my tastes, it really didn't get into the groove set by the bass and drums and after a while that became a problem. Nonetheless, Buzrk is an artist that has recognition on Soundclick and this is an interesting hiphop track, despite my moans and grumbles.

Recommended hiphop/rap.

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