Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlie Armour - Final Fantasy

Hear The Track Here

1-2, 1-2, is this thing on? Hello! Hellooooooo!! Ah....yes. Now that I have your attention I want to make something quite clear. I do actually like some aspects of Final Fantasy (I through 294 and counting...) but unfortunately they tend to be of the more pruient variety and not something I should be discussing in a public forum. What I don't like - in any form or fashion - are the endless copyist musical variety that seemingly plague my existence like musical midges. I have quite an agressive approach to swatting those, let me tell you. So, who should be the culprit this month?

Quelle horror!! Surely not, squire!!

Now as you know, I am not one to give aid and succour (wtf IS succour anyway?) to any soundtracky types, as a great many have discovered. Charlie Armour, on the other hand, has become a frequent guest in my review list over the past year and, despite my general loathing for the genre, has delivered many excellent peices of work that are just haunting tunes - and soundtracks be damned. The other reason is purely selfish, because our Charlie is famous AND has music in a film and I am nothing if not a rabidly ambitious social climber.

S'handy to know someone famous.

Where Charlie has miraculously avoided my sting is in his own particular music style; mainly piano based but easily wanders into other things. I have heard hundreds of these kinds of tracks over the years and the one thing that always singles out this artists work is simple; he is a man of taste. The way he puts the music together and the usually spotless mix it resides in show singular talent. See, if anyone can inject emotion into this kind of music, Charlie Armour can and this track shows that beautifully.

Class act, that Charlie. Highly Recommended soundtracky thing.

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