Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Peach Tree - Reflection

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There are times when I really hate being a reviewer and wish I'd never started doing it. Not because of the endless acres of tracks that I get thrown at me, as you may have thought, but because it means that - when necessary - you may have to say and do things that just aren't pleasant. Such has been the case with all five of the tracks I have reviewed from The Peach Tree so far. I know I get asked for reviews but it doesn't soften the blows any for the artist regardless and yes, I feel that too. I have found, however, that the ones that persist despite my endless carping and moaning (and probably other reviewers too) are the artists that become an established part of the scene. Take, for example, Soundclick's Thomas J, or even Fear 2 Stop. I dished them seven ways from Sunday for some considerable time and yet now they are among the most refreshing and challenging artists on that site. I have no illusions whatsoever about my part in their rise, because that isn't the point I'm trying to get to. What counts is to take a licking and keep on ticking and in that respect TPT has it sussed.

Try, try and try again even...

So here we all are again and Reflection is this month's Peach Tree offering. I was a bit surprised to discover that the track billed as Psychedelic Rock because everything I have heard from this source so far has been electronica all the way. The intro certainly lived up to the Psychedelic Rock hype, as did later sections, but there are a considerable amount of those same electronica elements that dot his previous tracks. Where it differs from his other tracks, and in a good way too, is the sound. Clear as a bell, despite some of the sounds being intentionally dirty to start with, Reflection shows that The Peach Tree has cleared at least one of the hurdles I seem to erected for him. Fact is, if it were based on the sound alone, I'd think I'd be more than positive.

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. While Reflection has much more to offer than any of the previous tracks from this source, it still has its flaws. None, however, really that noticeable to John Q Public and his wife so I don't think Peach Tree should lose too much sleep over the following comments. Arrangement on Reflection is one of the flaws; it seems to have been made up of disparate parts not that convincingly sewn together and there are still some clashes in the performance that jar. Nonetheless, as I say, that'll be me being a whinging Pom again and nothing to worry you guys about.

Psychedelic Rock with a centre of electronica. Worth a listen.

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