Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dan Michaelson - Looking Upward

Hear The Track Here

Essence is a very talented lady from MP3 Unsigned who I have reviewed once or twice, notably on Towers Are Gone (July 2008) a marked departure from her usual style, and her first (I think) collaboration with Dan Michaelson, an American keyboard player and songwriter. He supplied the music and she supplied the vocals and lyrics and - despite it being in a genre I don't normally care for - I found the combination worked a treat. As well as being talented, Essence is a blond bombshell and you know I am partial to that kind of temptation so when she put Dan down in his own right this month, how could I refuse?

What whipped? No idea what you are talking about mate....

As I already said, I am not much a of fan of piano peices, but when they are done well they are always worth a listen. Loking Upward's first surprise that it didn't really feature piano at all. Amazing how one track can give you a false impression, isn't it? Dan is, of course, much wider than piano peices and - although I guess everything comes from his synths - the sounds he is pumping out are excellently rendered especially the central soprano sax (I think) lines/ Actually, I used the word pumping there and that is the one thing this track does not do. It sort of oozes into your listening flaps...

Not sure whether Dan Michaelson set out to write a sublime, almost mystical peice but I'd say it certainly reached that target and then some. Personally I found Looking Upward a very uplifting, cleansing listen, and I would guess that the bulk of people would get much the same reaction from it. I cannot stand Kenny G, in any form, but surprisingly Looking Upward reminds me very strongly of his work. To then get a favourable reaction from me is nothing short of miraculous, so that should clue you in to this tasty peice of ultimate chillout. Dan says that this started out as an experiment and that somewhere along the way James Oakwood (another MP3 Unsigned regular) had some input, the track redone and remixed. Its an experiment that worked exceptionally well.

Excellent, uplifting soundscape. Highly Recommended if you like the style.

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