Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yoyoman - Aerobatics 2

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It would stand to reason that in amongst the hundreds of thousands of internet based musicians that some of them, a select few, would want to go deeper into their particular field more than say the Gallagher brothers. I don't make a habit of searching out these kinds of artists but I do seem to know quite a few of them, and wherever possible bring them to your attention. Probably, as you so rightly point out, to annoy you but that's neither here nor there is it? I first met Yoyoman, a Belgian electronic musician back in 2005 and have reviewed more than a couple of his little 'specialties'. So what, you may be wondering, is this guys niche? Much more to the point, will it be messy and smell slightly of leather?

Yes, on both counts but not the way you think...

Yoyoman specialises in Aviation music. Which is not to say that he takes whacking great jumbo jets to make an acceptable middle C but that he writes music that is acceptable to your average prop-head (ie pilots, real world or virtual take your pick) Inspired, as indeed was I and a million others, into taking flight with MS's Flight Simulator, Yoyoman has also been writing the soundtrack. It's a good job that Yoyoman has always been a fairly restrained musician and has never, to my knowledge, gone too far into geekdom, or indeed extraneous sound effects. Aerobatics 2 is exactly the kind of thing that should accompany these films you see of such ariel ballets (my own favourite being the UK's Red Arrows).

Oooops, sorry, my geek was showing there...

I often approach this artists tracks with some trepidation because of this particualr specialisation but my fears are usually unfounded, his music is eminently listenable. I think, on balance, that this track is certainly one of the best I have heard from this musician both in terms of content and sound - exactly what I would have wanted from a track such as this - and then some. See, underneath all the flash-bang is a perfectly gorgeous tune that spreads itself through your head like aural honey and one I have no hestitation in recommending at all. Lovely interlude whether you are flying or not.

Highly Recommended semi-soundtrack that actually does what it should.

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