Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tedd-Z - Spazza Drummer

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A veteran of the online music scene (ie someone who has been doing this for more than four years) will have already learned several things that make them stand out from the crowd. They will have learned how to make and keep contact with their audience and are able to take their audience along with them; and they will have learned the second - and probably more important lesson - how to make music that sounds like them, and them only. It's what they call in adspeak 'having an USP' or unique selling point.

Tedd-Z's USP is that he is fekkin mad.

Not technically tonto, of course, because then he probably wouldn't even be online, and couldn't type anyway because his arms would be tied in a cute white outfit but certainly a musical lunatic. I know for a fact, and from personal experience, that he has been making his tortured little odes for four years and he claims to have been doing it for many years before that. All of which is blindingly obvious when you put on a Tedd-Z track. One thing I have noticed over the past couple of years is the leap this electronica artist has made in presentation and production. The last couple of tracks I reviewed (one of them a Must Have) has shown that Tedd-Z has become a very muscular rhythm producer and, as you can imagine, Spazza Drumma fits right in there with the best of them.

Essentially a mix of drums and bass and gabbb-ish elements, Spazza Drumma is a typical Tedd-Z outing; relentless, engrossing (sometimes not in a nice way) but always entertaining. I can't say that this track is on the same level as Senseless Logic (March 2008) but it is certainly an excellent electronica workout. For me though, being a fan as it were, I felt that this didn't really do as much as the sound suggested and it started to pall after a while. I think that has much to do with the linear, straight ahead style of the track itself. As much as there were some good audio trickery in there, it maybe could have done with more. Still, play it loud because it will certainly make you sweat...

Excellent DnB track (kinda/sorta). Highly Recommended shot of rhythm.

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