Friday, September 05, 2008

Minimack - Please Stop The Struggle

Hear The Track Here

The reason I am starting the month with two tracks not on the list is because they are actually holdovers from last month, its coincidental that they are both hip hop/rap. Again listening to two rap tracks to back, I am amazed out how different the feel is from artist to artist even though they almost use the same musical palette - and a pretty spare one at that. Mind you, that is the sound of hip hop today; spare, stripped down to its underwear music that does one thing well: supporting the rap.

I have to say that both Minimack and Brothaz Grimm acquit themselves extremely was as rappers and lyricists, which is ultimately what the genre is really about. Minimack is a producer/rapper and obviously ropes in whoever he can to help out with the musical chores. In this case, his mum. Yep Mommy Minimack appears on this excellently turned out hip hop track and I'm here to tell you that the lady has a very good set of lungs. Yep, she's a belter. Her contributions really lift the track at the right points.

Yeah, sure there is the usual home recorded boominess on the vocals, but hey it does work. As indeed does the whole track, with much praise for the odd little start/stops that I could have done with more of. Please Stop The Struggle is a very decent hip hop track that I think many people will take too, despite that slight home produced flavour. In terms of vocal delivery and authority, and an interesting arrangement, Please Stop The Struggle has much going for it in a very, very crowded market. It's certainly professional enough for it to stand out somewhat.

Recommended rap and track.

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