Monday, September 29, 2008

-LMS- - Change

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It isn't often that I end the month with a couple of tracks in the same genre, but this month I was blessed wth two hiphop/rap tracks that held a high standard lyrically and ideas enough to power a hit factory. Each track and artist (this one and I Rap by SilentWave Ent) is different, using their own sound and style well enough to make them stand out from the crowd. Both carry a very in-your-face message that has nothing whatsoever to do with the current hiphop fascination with gangsters, bling and beehatches. Miami based -LMS- has become a bit of a fixture in this way on Soundclick and is one of the only artists I know to have won acceptance in the right way.

Because these tracks ended up back to back it was inevitable that one would suffer from it, but that shouldn't be the case because they both have lots to offer. My immediate reaction to Change wasn't too positive having just been driven made by the swearfest that proceeded it. However, as I got more and more into the track and despite some odd timings dotted around, I started to realise that this track is certainly IMHO -LMS- at his finest.

Once you get used to the feel and the flow of this rap, you start to feel the emotion in back of it. Whatever else you may think, this guy is pissed off and he wants to know. The sound has an high end to it that also tends to blur the songs impact, but that is small change because when all is said and done you'll be way too busy riding the tiger of a rap, and believe me whiplash is a real possibility. Despite some misgivings, I really warmed to this because it contains -LMS- in full spate, certainly his best vocal performance IMO.  The line 'Can we make a change' does some seriously spooky shit to the hair at the back of my head.

Highly Recommended topical rap. Parental Advisory though.

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