Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tinfoiled - The Sky

Hear The Track Here

First out of the Soundclick bag this month is a new name to me and, by the looks of it, new to Soundclick too. An Australian Alternative one man band, Tinfoiled doesn't exactly big himself up on his webpage; it's tawdry and vulgar yes but it IS a necessity to actually get people to listen to you. If you state on your main page that your music is rubbish (although Tindoiled doesn't exactly say that his sentiments are close) then it would come as no surprise to find that no one listens to what you have put up. Best to say simply what kind of music you make, and then leave the listener to make up their own mind.

F*** me, where did that soapbox come from?

Billed as Avant Rock, The Sky certainly carries the requisite amount of bombast and the kind of instrumentation I would ascribe to rock, and it has a pleasing Antipodean tinge to it too. All those things should endear me to a track because I do like me rock, and Antipodean rock has a particular flavour I really like. Despite Tinfoiled stating that he is a ' guy with a guitar that he can't play too well, a sequencer that he doesn't fully understand' I couldn't find much wrong with this. Sure, the mix is a fuzzy and obviously home produced but I have heard a lot, lot worse.

Where the track falls down for me is in its lack of focus. As good as it is - in a quasi prog-rock sort of way - the overall impression of the track was a bit ho-hum. That has nothing to do with either the performance or production which, as I say, are more than adequate; merely the content. See, the track kinda wanders along from place to place, sure its rocking away but that's an intellectual exercise; you are either going to like it or not. That lack of focus will be a problem with listeners but it is early days yet. Another track may give a different story.

Good track, shambling arrangement. Recommended rock nonetheless

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