Monday, September 22, 2008

RAF21 - Nuptial Danse

Hear The Track Here

Nothing whatsoever to do with handlebar moustaches and choruses of 'wot! wot! wot!' and 'wizard prong' whatever the fekk that means. Nope, this RAF has never taken to the skies, at least I know of. RAF21 is the resplendent nick/bandname of Raf Beaudon who I have reviewed the princely sum of two reviews so far - in as many years. Now, you might be thinking that Raf isn't as prolific as some on Soundclick and that may well be true but not everyone wants to hog my review lists all the time. (Ed: Now what does he mean by that?). I Have a Dream (December 2006) was a nice blend of electronica and classical that, although flawed, worked well as a peice of music. Asian Life (July 2007) was a lot better - in an easy listening kind of way - and was a very good peice of World music.

Meantime, a year and a bit later...

If I were just cruising around Soundclick (as I sometimes do just for the heck of it) and I came across the following comment: 'The carefree lovers dance naively in the middle of an endless afternoon. The music dazes the hearts in a ceaseless ritual. Nothing exists besides this moment' you got to ask yourself, would I listen to it?. Well, in this case I have to but, honestly, I wouldn't have done by that description. Might have done because it's Classical listing though and - from past experience - I know that this French musician has a real good ear. That truth is borne out within the first minute of this light (in more ways than one) peice of classically inclined music.

It's a light, airy peice anyway and weighing in at less than two minutes it's not going to given anyone aural indigestion and if you like the style, this has much to offer. Personally, I love to play around with classical themes in my own music and I would have been proud to come up with this, so I hope Raf feels pleased with it. It also doesn't have any of the sound problems that dogged earlier RAF21 tracks, but there again - given the content - aural fidelity wouldn't be much of a problem. Instrument resonance and tone would though and that is where Raf scores big time.

Excellent classical peice. Most Highly Recommended if you like the genre.

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