Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pidgeman - (No More) Happy Endings

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I was, am and always will be a big fan of rock music, from the Beatles and beyond rock has always been a constant in my own life. Which, as it happens, is pretty good news for artists like MP3 Unigned's Pidgeman considering that rock seems to be his meat and potatoes too. Consequently we haven't had a lot ofg trouble seeing musical eye to eye and some of his tracks have indeed been standout, particularly the last couple of tracks I've reviewed; Babylon is Doomed (August 2008) and Gotta Find My Way (June 2008) both excellent collaborations with other MP3 Unsigned artists.

So that's my own bias out of the way at the start, just so ya know.

(No More) Happy Endings is also a collab, this time with Truj (aka Tommy Moonan), a name I know from the forums but new to me musically. Tommy is responsible for the music, Pidgeman for lyrics and vocals. It's immediate impression is certainly meaty enough even for the most rabid of rock animals and worthy of Pidgeman's exhortion to play LOUD. Certainly my neighbours have become increasingly familiar with this lttle ode over the past few days. Big kudos then to Truj because this is a solid, chunky almost West Coast flavoured track that really supports the vocal.

The real prize in most of Pidgeman's tracks is that, first and foremost, he is a songwriter and such devotion shows on a track such as this. (No More) Happy Endings is exactly what you would expect from the classic rock genre, big guitars, wailing vocals and a chorus anyone can sing. As such then it's going to go down a treat with people like me and that's exactly what this has done; after all this is a very competent peice of rock in every way. Not everyone is as enamoured of the genre though, but what do they know eh?

Highly Recommended classic rock.

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