Monday, September 22, 2008

Fluidity - Possession and Exorcism

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Another Soundclick artist who has carved out a nice little niche for himself is New Zealand's John Paul Carroll (aka Fluidity) principally because there is no one who quite sounds like him. I've known this musician now for a good many years and I've watched him grow and develop into the well rounded artist who has delivered track after track of solid, rock based songs. Of course not all of those songs (notice I use the workd song and not track, JP is first and foremost and excellent songwriter) have set me - or you, I guess - alight but plenty of them have set me to smoulder and dish out Highly Recommended's as if they were smarties.

He is also a very efficient and detailed lyricist and - at this moment in time - Possession and Exorcism has to be right up there with the best of his work. Full of images such as 'eating dirt as like its a banquet' and 'the walls are lonely must be why they are closing in'; Possession and Exorcism makes for a weighty track from that aspect. Not something unusual for this artist though. What is unusual, and something I am still getting used to after endless plays of this track, is that it sounds very odd at first. Sure I am used to it now, but the way the arrangement works (particularly in the sounds used) it just didn't sound like something JP would have produced.

Mind you, the more you play it, the more that odd, almost lo-fi intro makes sense to you. The later, more rocky sections are pure Fluidity through and through but the intro is something else. That intro takes up half of this six minute track and is my favourite part of the track. Almost any Fluidity track will deliver the rock thrills and spills of the later section, but you'll only find this intro on this track. I'm absolutely certain that diehard Fluidity fans (I am one of many) will absolutely love this track, and who knows it may very well apply to a more general rock audience too. Whatever, if Fluidity is an new name to you, catch up with this excellent NZ based rock songwriter with intelligence (there's a thing) as a matter of urgency.

Highly Recommended Rock song. MUST HAVE for fans.

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