Monday, September 22, 2008

Ron Gragg - A Roll Of The Dice (A Frenchmans Wager)

Hear The Track Here

My first encounter with Christian Rock artist Ron Gragg was collaborating with other Christian Rockers on Cam's Even Song's Praise The Name Of The Lord (January 2007). Considering the amount of vocalists on that track, it's no wonder that Ron's part was small - and obviously not enough to grab hold of. A couple of his own tracks rectified that, but also showed up a couple of home recording pitfalls which is a shame because Ron is obviously an accomplished musician.

Mind you, he covered that problem handily with Nothing But The Blood (August 2008), his reworking of a hymn first written in 1876, which was sonically much improved. Wherever possible, once the review process is complete, I usually look at the comments other people have written about the track just to see how my reviews stacks up against person to person appreciation. In a surprisingly large number, my review is often at variance with the majority of the comments; sometimes hugely so, sometimes not so much.

So, although I can agree with the majority opinion on this that it is technically a good track, it does fall down somewhat from an aural standpoint. I am quite willing to admit that I am a bit of an audiophile and I definitely lean towards having the sound fully back the music, but hey, we don't all have that kind of kit. So, for me the track itself felt thin, no real depth to it, even down at the crucial (well for rock anyway) bass and drums level. A good bluesy track reminiscent of something Clapton would do, but it needs a lot more meat on its bones.

Recommended rock, for all that.

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