Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Antennaheadz - Game Of Love

Hear The Track Here

Poor ol' Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) must think I have some kind of blank spot as far as he is concerned. For the past three months, for some mysterious reason, I seem to have misplaced his entry into the review schedule and he has had to remind me. Sorry, Thomas, I'm old, what can I tell you? What's really ironic is that I have known the guy since my earliest reviewing days on Soundclick and I would happily have done that trick with some of the tracks he released under his Station For Imitation personna. I certainly wouldn't want to do that with any Antennaheadz tracks (or should that be trackz) because that personna has become one of my all time favourites on this site. Listen anyone who can go from the weirdest electronica on the planet to pop troubadour without so much as a blink is alright by me.

The fact is that, somewhere along the way, Thomas got religion and had the revelation that the song is the thing and he hasn't looked back since. Not all of the tracks have blown my socks off but certainly the majority of them have delivered a classic song, wrapped in a distinctly retro, lo-fi arrangement and production. If you think you know exactly what I am saying I say you know nothing, go listen to the track and you'll see why you couldn't possibly know what I am saying. Anyone who doesn't know about this highly idiosyncratic artist couldn't have any idea what they were in for, but Game Of Love is a wonderful place to start catching up.

One small caveat, Game Of Love is an exact, almost eerily precise recreation of the sound that pervaded the mid to late 1950's in America, especially amongst guitar groups. As usual, though, Thomas has brought a song to the party as well and his laconic, almost languid vocal slouches the track forward wonderfully. Hand on heart I can't really say I actually like this, but there again I lived through the period mentioned and once is enough. Mind you, I am utterly lost in admiration at how close to perfect Thomas has made this, even down to the trademark squeaking wtf-is-that sound that were also a staple of the period even if this is noticeably electronic in nature. Be careful though because this is obviously not going to appeal to everyone, but as a nod of respect to a lost age, this is just brilliant.

MUST HAVE; stunningly exact recreation of rock history.

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