Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pilesar - Sorry

Hear The Track Here

This from the man who most of all needs to offer abject apologies to several thousand earholes for the aural and psychic damage inflicted upon them. Uh oh, must be Pilesar time!. Yep, everybodies favourite musical anarchist is loose yet again, but this time offering something very, very special. Yeah, yeah, I know that pretty much every Pilesar track has that extra something but in this case, it's a human something - as opposed to a loony tunes something. A few years ago, when Soundclick's forums were firing on all cylinders, all our lives were made substantially better with a string of lo-tech, high charm tracks from an entity called the Big Ship. Marcus Sjoland was the man responsible for that, and I have missed Big Ship tracks ever since.

So its a very welcome re-appearance indeed.

Sorry is the very first collaborative effort between Marcus and Pilesar and a stranger combination you couldn't have wished for. If you had told me that something like this was on the cards, I would have told you to score me a bag of what you'd been smoking. Suffice to say, it is the track I have been most looking forward to this month. Those who have no idea why Big Ship was so popular should be put right by this track easily. A cross between Johnathan Richman and Syd Barrett would come up with this kind of track and the world would be better for it, and that has always been Marcus's trademark sound.

Essentially Pilesar wrote the lyrics, Marcus then added vocals and acoustic guitar (as you would expect) and Pilesar put it in the washer for a final spin and an appointment with Pilesar's own special brand of wtf. This is work in progress and within the first few plays it's obvious this could be much, much more. My bias here is enormous because I am a big fan of Pilesar and I have missed hearing Big Ship - as I have stated many times in the past - so you should take the requisite amount of salt. Although still at that formative stage, when Sorry grows up it is going to be a killer track; the chorus on this (although not quite finished) is knockout. Very interesting combination and I can't wait to hear this bad boy finished.

Collaborative heaven. MUST HAVE Alternative.

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