Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stella Polaris Project - Die For You

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Whenever Ricky Mancini slams a track into my review list, am torn in two different directions; flight or fight. In his MD-1 Project personna, his music is often abrasive, disconcerting and hard to get close to. There again in his collaborative effort with Melinda Mohn - the aforementioned Stella Polaris Project - his testosterone levels are somewhat lessened by, presumably, her calming presence. There again, knowing these two, she could well be a worse provocateur than him. Having said all that, I have found a space in my likes for both of these remarkably different styles, and I gues that says something about their quality of work.

Where Ricky Mancini has improved beyond recognition is in his arrangement and production skills, the sound and mix of all his tracks are a lesson in hard edged glitch styleee. So although Die For you isn't exactly a relaxing peice of music, there is more than enough going on in it to satisfy even an old technical curmudgeon like yours truly. The jewel in this particular music track (for me anyway) is the bassline which is absolutely fekkin relentless and - played loud - it will probably lift the roof of your house of when it gets going. Highly reminiscent of reggae bass sounds, but hey that might be the reason I like it so much.

I have reviewed 4 tracks from Stella Polaris so far, all of which have got Must Haves from me, and that is rare for any artist. A lot of that has to do with the highly unique way Mr Mancini puts the track together, but I have a lot of time for Melinda Mohn who is equally as effective as a vocalist with her own sound and style. As much as I enjoyed Die For You, for my money it doesn't carry the impact of the past four tracks; as brilliant as it is musically and vocally. I don't think it is as accessible as their earlier tracks, but again, that won't worry them and even though I don't feel I can give this my top rating, the one I'm giving it will probably be enough for most people anyway.

Highly Recommended IDM with a wicked bass and arrangement.

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