Thursday, September 25, 2008

Largo - Let It Rain

Hear The Track Here

David Katsikas alias Largo is an American musician I have reviewed a few times and liked very much what he has been doing, although my first listen to Let It Rain wasn't exactly complimentary.  More to do with my intense dislike for rock ballads which this instantly put me in mind of, than anything Largo was doing wrong. He is, in fact, a very competent musician whose rock treatments - although distinctly American in sound - have always entertained me if not totally won me over. His last two tracks, for example, both recieved a Must Have rating from me because of the quality and presentation of the songs.

A musicians musician.

Now don't be asking me where you can hear this li'l beauty because I'm farged if if I know. I downloaded it when the list was first closed at the beginning of the month and he may well have said where it can be obtained but I just can't be bothered to root all that out - so you'll have to do it instead. About time you did something useful to earn your keep, I say. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the phantom track. Now doubt that Largo will be along to leave an URL of some kind, but in the meantime would you want to hear it?

As I say, I have in-built intolerance for rock ballads so I'm probably not the best person to ask. However, from a purely technical point of view, this track is well up the usual standards I have come to expect from this artist. Coming in at just under three minutes though, Let it Rain isn't going to be a hard listen whatever you may think about the genre. Largo is one Soundlick musician who can be relied on to make a listenable, entertaining track and Let It Rain is certainly that. Having lived with this track for a while, I have to admit that I did get to like it, despite my predjudice. It is, dare I say it, an excellent rock ballad.

Get your lighters at the ready. Highly Recommended Rock ballad.

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