Monday, September 29, 2008

Vesper - Till We Meeet Again

Hear The Track Here

September has been a very hectic month for reviews, almost 40 tracks from just about everywhere, so its no surprise that things have been messed up and tracks have been overlooked. So big apologies to Vesper because I know this UK based hiphop artist's review should have come sooner than this, but hey, I'm here now. I have a particular liking for UK hiphop which is quite different in tenor and tone to its bigger American cousin, and Soundclick boasts some very Good UK musicians and producers. So enter Vesper, a name I haven't heard before but obviously Till We Meet Again will solve that neatly.

Not much information about him, he's 17 years old and that's pretty much it, so obviously the music will have to speak for him. The music, in this case, coming from - yet again - Sinima Beats, the rap is Vesper's contribution. Seeing as I've just waxed lyrical about Sinima Beats on an earlier track this month let me just say that it is recognisably Sinima; lots of strings, a solid beat backing and a sequence running through it that could do equal justice to an Ibiza style dance track. My problem with the music, not the material, just the structure was that it became incredibly repetitive, incredibly quickly - not something I have associated with this excellent beat factory in the past.

Now at 17 years old, no matter how talented you are, confidence is going to be a problem. I'm not saying that verspers flow and delivery aren't right because he is surprisingly on the money. Nope, I think where this falls down is in the style of the track; the sort of young love gone wrong track that never really takes off. I admit that I am biased againt the overall genre, but nonetheless IMHO Vesper needs to up his rap game considerably to really get into the Soundclick game with any meaningful impact. Girls will love this though, and probably Vesper too and I guess that would please Vesper just as much. An interesting debut, nonetheless.

Reasonable UK based hip hop.

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