Monday, September 29, 2008

A Cry Of Hounds - Charnel House

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A Cry Of Hounds is a four peice Canadian band who specialise - so I am told, new name to me - in '60's garage punk', whatever that means. Charnel House is a track from the band's 16 track debut album Garage Monsters, all the tracks being based on 16 b-grade horror flicks. Yep, all so woooooaahhh, so far right? Now I don't really give a crap about what you want to label your rock, to me it's all the same which means I would be approaching this track with some pleasure. Especially as I am into the sounds of the '60's in all its forms, but especially all the millions of bands that didn't quite reach the dizzy heights of some of their contemporaries.

The band members certainly sound an unruly bunch...

Captain Curtis the Undead Pirate is on keys and vocals, Mary Queen of Vampires on bass and vocals, Skully on drums and - last but not least - Screamin' J on guitar and vocals. The reason I single out J is because you may know this guy in another guise familiar to Soundclick users: Road Apples. Therefore knowing that he is on the case, I expected a good overall sound and performance and I wasn't disappointed. It's a solid, edgy track that has musical references up the wazoo, but at its base is that old standard, da blooz.

Part of the difficulty of creating retro sounds is that - these days anyway - it isn't easy to come across decent tube amps, and the 60's staple, the legendary Farfisa organ. Top marks then to A Cry Of Hounds for paying attention to the period detail because the organ being used in this track certainly sounds like a Farfisa. Musically, I place the track somehwere around 1964 America, but lyrically it could only have come from todays warped minds; warped - I might add - by crappy B movies from the period. So, its a given that you would have to like the style, but Charnel House is a very entertaining listen anyway. If you like retro sounds, this is exactly the track you have been searching for.

Music from the Golden Age. Fresh today. Highly Recommended.

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