Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Azoora - Instrumentals Vol 1

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Not quite sure the Soundclick link is much use for this review because none of these tracks are on that page, although I do advise paying it a visit if you want the more than stellar backstory on this band. Like a lot of people, I got into Azoora right from the start, their brand of edgy, powerful pop won them a great many fans on Soundclick a few years back. They have popped up up regularly since then too, through my Rebelriffs blog and their now standard EP's released through the excellent 23 seconds netlabel. Don't make the mistake of thinking that these are instrumental versions of past triumphs, that isn't what Azoora are about. Each of the seven tracks this EP holds is new, and that says exactly what Azoora is about.

OK, granted, an instrumental is an instrumental no matter how you may dress it up, and not everyone likes them but I think even if you didn't there is enough difference between each of these seven tracks that you would be bound to find something that appealed. Listening to Azoora in full spate (with the full band) I always said was like a musical history lessons with influences coming from just about everywhere, and I think the same could be said about this brace of tracks. John Purcell and Ben Cochrane are the only band members on these seven tracks, although I am assured that both Paul Loader and Trudi Lawrence are still on board and preparing a full Azoora release.

Instrumentals Vol 1 will certainly do in the meantime and, in a way, it fits in with what has become another Azoora tradition. Their EP's have always featured both the songs AND the intrumentals so this is a logical progression. As one who has always liked their musical side I can find room in my heart for both songs and instrumentals because - for once - they are instrumentals that at least TRY to be different, although that difference might not be readily apparent until the music has settled in somewhat. Besides, beggars can't be choosers right? Better instrumentals than nothing at all, you ungrateful varmints, now get it down you... If you want a place to start, I really loved the feel of Cirque du Lune (part 2).

Highly Recommended (even if they are instrumentals :P)

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Azoora said...

Cheers Steve. You're a true Gent as always!
And don't worry, Paul and Trudi will be back on the next one, which is already coming along nicely.

Catch you then! :)