Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Wanting Blue - These Magnificent Miles CD & DVD

Hear The Track Here

There is a belief in some people that ideas somehow float in the air, which accounts for people picking up those ideas even though they may be oceans apart and oblivious of each other. I noticed it particularly in the music business where trends actually did come in handy bunches once upon a time. And here's yet another example. As many of you know, I contributed to an upcoming documentary on a long running rock band last year and lo and behold, here's another one! How mad is that? I hadn't heard of either Red Wanting Blue or the Ken Davenport film of the band on tour prior to this but it's an even bet that I'm going to become very familiar with them - and by extension you are too. So let's start as we mean to go on. Pull up the comfy chairs, share out the popcorn and lets go the movies!!! (Ed: not on my watch you don't...)

What comes across in the movie trailer (a live version of Finger In The Air, one of the tracks from the CD we'll get to shortly) is the band's utter contempt of the 'usual' practices (managers, agents, song pluggers etc) of such a situation. Personally I couldn't agree more. Who needs all that ****. It's the music, stupid. However, the HUGE Elephantidae (Ed: elephant Gilmore, just say it like a real person) in the room is the cost of such a sensible attitude. Takes huge stones to make and market indie music (and films), and I applaud them every step of the way. Btw, the movie looks awesome, as the HD trailer will show you. Stands to reason then that Finger in The Air (yeah really!) is going to be a stand out track for me from the get-go, but in many ways it's the icing on a very large cake indeed.

The simple truth is that every track is standout. Easily the most professional approach (in every way) it has been my pleasure to encounter in YEARS. Seriously. The problem with us hard-bitten, dog-eared reviewers is that (having done it for a few years) we've heard it all. Takes a shedload of ducks in a row to really get my attention, and such a thing doesn't happen often. What I'm talking about here is that rocked back, o.mi.god moment when you realise the music you are hearing is phe-*******-nomenal. My personal check boxes are killer songs, intricate and detailed arrangements and finally, the kind of recording, production and mixes you would expect from the very, very best of commercial musicians. Red Wanting Blue stomp seven kinds of crap all over those check boxes. The right attitude, the right music, the right time?? Hell yeah. Now, what about y'all making these guys the stars they so obviously are?

AWESOME music and movie. The very best of indie. MUST HAVE.


Anonymous said...

You should see them live! They have a strong fan base and they never disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is just interesting indeed. Would love to read a little more of this. Nice post. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

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