Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy Go Go - In For The Kill 2011 (DJ &JNp Mix) - La Roux ft. Ludacris & Daddy GoGo

Hear The Track Here

Confusion reigns for the next few paragraphs, so be warned. Daddy Go Go is a rapper we have come across a couple of times, once in his own right and once with the elegantly named Jane Do3 now know as Jane G33 (don't ask). Moreover surely both La Roux and Ludacris as major signed artists so what is this doing in a pile of unsigned artists reviews? Welp, technically, Daddy Go Go is exactly that and what strokes he pulled to appear with both RW artists is his business, surely? Anyway, as far as you guys are concerned you get to see the video, and I get a nice MP3 to play with. Despair not though, because although this track doesn't appear there, his Reverbnation page has a fair selection for listen or download.

You'll need to like hip hop, obviously.

Funny thing is that the MP3 I have seems to be titled Flawless, and indeed that does appear to be one of the lyrical motifs of the track, although the video has that cumbersome litter of names. While it's true that La Roux and Ludacris chuck in their bits, Daddy Go Go is the main man, and the reason ultimately this review is going ahead. Mind you, it helps that this is a full-on mashup that rattles along with great energy and drive. This was produced by a British DJ who goes by the name jNp, who I've not heard of before but this may force me to put that oversight right. Banging choon is a banging choon, know what I mean.

Like a lot of rappers, getting the right mix of music and rap is always a bit of a hit and miss affair. Certainly among the Soundclick rappers I am more familiar with this is the case and when a particular combination works it's always a kick up the pants. Daddy Go Go has IMHO hit it right with this combination, although they could lose both La Roux and Ludacris and I don't think it would make that much difference. My confusion about who does what (and to whom) is obviously total and this may be a direct rip of something everybody in the world but me knows about, but I don't care. Damn thing is as catchy as the plague, and I suspect I'm probably going to be listening to this for some considerable time to come.

Highly Recommended (even with the guest appearances).

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Asam said...

WOW! its an honor to see people like urself, helping people like daddy gogo and myself..
i am JNp by the way, aka The Speshaliss

i come from UK, and am of an Pakistani Background.

i tend to fuse genres together to get something palattable.

i am on youtube with lots and lots of different promo and OFficial collabs.

i hope ull take the time out to hear.
and hopfully there will be some OFFICIAL work with daddy gogo too!!!

thanks once again