Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Larry Ludwick - A Cloud Passes

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I think it is fair to say that you will not have heard too many musicians like Larry Ludwick, even if - like me - you exist on a steady diet of unsigned music. Like a lot of internet musicians Larry has learned the most essential of facts about what can or can't be done, and then tailored his vision to that. What comes out is, to those who know him, is quintessential Larry Ludwick regardless, it seems, of the genre the track is set in. Where he generally cavorts though is in the wilderness between Leonard Cohen (in feel and temperament) and any number of country and western crooners. With the best will in the world, Larry does not do 'singing' per se.

And that is why a lot of us treasure him.

Larry dons his Ludwig Von Larry disguise this time as he goes all classical on us, an area he has excelled in previously (I almost wrote pervishly and that'll never do) and A Cloud Passes holds itself up very well indeed. I say classical, but that is a bit of a dodgy premise because - if anything - this is a piano track with the odd dash of classical seasoning, all overlaid with the lyrical sensibility and unique vocal style that typifies anything made by this musician. The track was inspired by a conversation Larry was having with Gary Judge (of Cinnabar) about families and this track is dedicated to Larry's father as a consequence.

Ask anyone who knows me, I have no time whatsoever for what used to be called schmlatz (Ed: excessive sentimentality in art or music) and whenever I come across it I can be quite testy about it. Looked at baldly, a lot of Larry's work (certainly lyrically) does touch on such areas but he does it in such a way that it doesn't grate or repulse but fascinates and compels and that - to my mind - is what makes Larry Ludwick stand out from the norm. Sure, it would be right to say that he is probably an acquired taste, but surely that shouldn't stop you from giving a listen to a musician who doesn't just try to be different, he just is. A Cloud Passes also happens to be one of his finest tracks to date, musically, vocally and lyrically and for fans it just has to be a...

MUST HAVE blend of styles.

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