Saturday, March 19, 2011

Collective Surrender - Dissociative Identity

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Considering the commercial as hell sound the band known as Satellite 3 pump out, it definitely came as a surprise that they had an alter ego - an experimental electronica alter ego and yay it's name was Collective Surrender. Manned by two of the Satellite 3, Justin Storie and Joey Saha, Collective Surrender came to my attention when I reviewed A New Beginning (February 2011), a pretty decent, interesting diversion for sure and only surprising because of the source of the music.

What made it different was the blend of electronic and live instruments (mainly lead guitar) and the different ways these could be made to respond to each other. So, as a musical exercise it was pretty good, although it may not appeal to everyone, especially because it is yet another instrumental in a field awash with the things. There are only two tracks on the page, that one and Dissociative Identity which sounds exactly as it's described. For sure, you are probably going to have to like the harder edge of the experimental world, but for this reviewer, this track finally shows what A New Beginning promised isn't a one-off.

Speaking as one well inured to the rough and tumble of experimental music (especially the electronica version), Dissociative Identity is surprisingly accessible for all its experimental trappings. At root this is actually a kind of space rock track, but a really good one and the use of the electric lead is inspired in a Floyd-y kind of way. Now, having shown that they are not a one trick pony, Collective Surrender begin to take on the aura of something well worth following to see where it leads. The best place to do that is with this track, and there's no time like the present...

Highly Recommended blend of experimental, electronica and rock.

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