Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Modern Empire - Soundtrack To Our Lives

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Wooooaaahhh deja vu all over again, or is it? I know there are memory type bells ringing all over the shop but no, I don't seem to have reviewed this particular track before although I have reviewed several different versions of some of their tracks. All of the said tracks have now ended up (fully mastered of course) in the band's new EP How You See The World. So, it took me a while to really 'get' this band and certainly it seems to have been a while for them to get to stage of a proper release (as it were) but here we are. My past reticence has been mostly a question of style rather than substance.

The other tracks on the EP - First Time, How You See The World and Love Is The New Black - certainly earn their place, especially the Talking Heads soundalike First Time. I'm afraid I can't say the same about Soundtrack To Our Lives even after trying real, real hard. Now whether this is because the other songs are so good (and in their own way they are) or whether this track just doesn't sit right with the rest. For sure IMO it is a lesser song with a couple of flaws I personally found impossible to ignore.

The vocal just didn't work for me, and that may be a personal thing but - to me - the vocals sound mumbled. Not sure about the arrangement either, although it's execution seems pretty tight and controlled. Ultimately though, it comes down to the calibre of the song and IMO the other three tracks will/do overshadow it. As I say, I played this considerably more than I may have played previous tracks to be sure of what I was saying about it. It may well be that fans of the band will like it nonetheless but if I wanted to show someone what This Modern Empire are capable of, I'd be pointing them at First Time or Love Is The New Black.

Recommended Indie.

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