Monday, March 28, 2011

Alchemystic - Mr Outsider

Hear The Track Here

There is no question in my mind that resolution is a prime factor in liking certain kinds of music. Not talking about New Year resolutions here, mind. Audio resolution is what I'm talking about. Most tracks you hear online come at the almost standard 128kbps, which is all well and good for an earful of crash crash music that is lo-fi in it's genesis anyway. However, for music with more subtle moves you definitely need to go way higher. I decided to release 192kbps downloadable files for my own track because it's a happy medium between 128 and 320kbps (the highest 'CD' quality) although nothing is true as the original WAV file and/or recording. So why all the geekspeak? Well, I was thinking about it because this track is a 320kbps file and a good job it is too.

Alchemystic is a well known name and probably needs no introduction suffice to say he specializes in electronica dance, and he's well good at it too. Now the reason I was so rabid about resolution is because IMHO 'sophisticated' dance music like this is murdered in lower resolutions. The drum track would sound like a phased washing machine and much of the detail that is part of the musical experience is completely lost, butchered out of sight to make a bit more headroom. Listening to this little beauty only makes me appreciate Alki's thoughtfulness, as I say it is important to make a good first impression. Not on me of course, I'm already a big fan, but certainly on someone coming fresh to this excellent musician.

What they would find is a very slick, highly polished slab of drums and bass electronica that wouldn't look out of place amongst the big dogs of the genre. I'd expect nothing less from Alchemystic, and again he has found a female singer (this is the guy who introduced me to Yolande Strauss remember) who breathes fire and warmth into the track. Ali Kat is, I presume, the lady in question and a great job she does of it too. If you spend your days looking for tracks that are up to the mark commercially, stop searching and groove on this for a while. In a world where there was justice, this would have been massive...

Highly Recommended drums and bass

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