Monday, March 28, 2011

Rayon Vert - Who's The Winner

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OK me old chums, better brace yourselves... The song comments for Who's The Winner proudly (nay brazenly!!) proclaim that the track is a 'prog rock song with some great performances' Riiiighhht. I'll tell ya, in any normal circumstance, you could probably hear me screaming where you live, even though it may be on the other side of the world. Prog-rock, it has to be said, has been the bane of my musical life and I am never happy when faced with it. Now, if you are thinking you've seen the name Rayon Vert before, you have. I reviewed Rayon Vert Remastered (April 2010) and look, I survived that and so did you. It even got a Highly Recommended and for prog rock that's a real coup. So what's the secret ingredient that keeps the snarling monster of rock at bay?

Two words, Farrell Jackson.

Actually to single out Farrell (who IMHO is one of the better rock musicians around right now) is grossly unfair to the rest of Rayon Vert. Fact is, it's a kind of supergroup of unsigned musicians, if you know what I mean. DrC, Rob Grant and Gary Carciello have all been around a long time and soaked up the lessons internet musicians are forced to learn, so consequently you won't find any blemishes. Therefore it's all down to style and content, and that is where Rayon Vert score big-time.

Written as a tribute to Gerry Rafferty who sadly passed away earlier this year, Who's The Winner tells the tale of Gerry's struggles with personal problems and a music business that didn't understand him and lyrically I can't pick a fault. Hugely, hugely prog-rock though and if I didn't know these musicians and know that none of them have big hair and even bigger egos, I think this is the kind of prog rock I can finally live with. All of the musicians play a blinder although my favourite is Rob Grant's great solid bass playing. The guy works up a nice sweat and I do love to hear a bass played with a bit of finesse. Now while I am well crabby with the whole prog rock thing, I am well aware there are millions of people who really love it - in which case Rayon Vert have nothing whatsoever to worry about because THIS is the real deal. Without the hair and the egos.....damn things DO change, don't they?...

Highly Recommended p-p-p-p-prog rock (with some great performances).

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Farrell said...

Thanks so much for the highly recommended review Steve! I know Prog Rock isn't one of your favortite genres so Rayon Vert thanks you kindly for taking the time to listening. As the lyricist and vocalist for the group, I do my best to insert my classic rock background so RV doesn't fall too far into that deep cavern of prog rock over indulgence. I look for a balance with the vocals.

Farrell Jackson for Rayon Vert