Friday, March 18, 2011

NeverNoodz - Good Days and Cliches EP

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A new name to me, and I suspect to you too is NeverNoodz, a 'melodic punk band' hailing from the beautiful city of Galway in the Republic Of Ireland and God bless them for it. That last statement - I promise - is the very last time I will make a sub-standard Father Ted joke. Now, as it happens I definitely have a liking for melodic anything and if anyone can make that happen it will be the Irish. I gob along with the best of them when punk is also on the musical agenda so all this bodes well for NeverNoodz innit? Well, (waggles hand), many is the slip t'wixt cup and lip - whatever the **** that means. Mind you, I've known many great Irish musicians in my long, long (Ed: OK Gilmore, don't milk it) lifetime and all of them, to a man and woman, born with the music in their souls so I expected big things from NeverNoodz...

Sorry to bring up the old fart thing again but I was living in London and working in the music business when punk vomited itself into our worldview and NeverNoodz have captured EXACTLY the kind of joyous **** you attitude so typical of that era. Don't go running away with the idea that its time for a punk revival though or else I'll be forced to snap your neck. Once is enough, know what I mean? Actually, all joking aside (Ed: oh there's a first) punk is already alive and well both on the internet and in a thousand small outfits like NeverNoodz who gig regularly and if I was insane enough to actually go to a punk gig - on the face of this EP's three tracks - I'd definitely pick this band for that dubious honour. Yeah, yeah, but what about the music, I hear you shout with rising impatience...

'Member what I was saying about getting it exactly right? Well, early punk was as raw as sandpapering your face with a nice sheet of extra rough, and just as full of bodily fluids All three tracks on this EP show that with abandon. So forget sound fidelity, not happening. What you get is a musical fist in the face and a sonic, balls-to-the-line dash for the speed record, absolutely top marks on that too. Mind you, I got a distinct echo of Lemmy and Motorhead on Weight Of The World and I find that scary, in some ways more than the punk thing. Good Days and Cliches is a damn fine starter track and if you are still listening after twenty seconds, you'll like the rest. Where I have questions centre on the not-so-hot timekeeping on the drums, which - to my ears anyway - often steps all over the shop. There again, this is punk it that may be intentional. Whatever, if safety pins and saliva constitute your main food groups, dive in and mosh down... Just don't be pogo-ing over this way k??

Highly Recommended Old School Punk

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