Saturday, March 19, 2011

Twizzie - Lyric Ill

Hear The Track Here

As you can see, doesn't seem to be any let up from the newer names in Soundclick hip hop, and more power to them I say. Having just reviewed Rustik's illustrious new joint, For The Better this month, along comes our old friend Twizzie (previously known as Twisted Angel) with his first track of 2011. Both these rapper/musicians scored highly with me last year, along with a couple of other dare-to-be-different names, and I am expecting some nice times this coming year. Now Twizzie has always appealed to me right from the get go. Although Some Kind Of Monster (April 2009) was exactly going to set the block alight, it was certainly enough to perk my ideas up and since then he has produced a prodigious amount of neat tracks.

See, standard hiphop is not for these guys. Twizzie has experimented successfully with a whole clutch of different styles, although he still hasn't - to my mind - hit that extra special sweet spot but hey, time is definitely on his side. Lyric Ill is ' a verse only song by myself no hooks all punchlines' and if you want to see what that means go look at the lyrics. What looks like 45 million words fitting into a what, 2:50 song? Nah, not even motormouth himself... It helps, I think, that the music is pretty much straight forward, although it doesn't exactly inspire anything other than a gentle rocking of the body.

Not that I much care because what has always been the highspot with Twizzie are his lyrics and I think he has pretty much everyone in his sights this time, all of which is seasoned with a healthy dose of good old fashioned ****, ***** and *******. Funnily enough, it's not sporting one of those flashy Parental Advisory doo-dads so be warned if profanity is likely to make you all sniffy. It's also the closest Twizzie has come to straight forward 'competition' rap and that - for me - is why it works. I like those duels, you see, and when I listen to this track I can almost see Twizzie spitting and snarling away up there on the stage... Hand on heart, I've heard him do better material but that isn't what this is about, it's about the flow...

Twiz in full spate. Recommended New School Hip Hop.

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