Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Royalty - When Poets Dream CD

Hear The Track Here

Got to love it when a plan comes together. After I reviewed (and raved) over Here I Go (February 2011), a track from this CD, I was delighted when the band sent me a copy of the whole album to salivate over, and believe me this is a rare occurrence. Most of the time when people ask me to review albums, it takes me an hour to stop screaming. So what makes The New Royalty so different, that I would actually look forward to such toil and strife? Maybe you should wander over to their site and have a listen to Here I Go because it may well spur you to want to know what else this young band can do. Can't seem to find any information about the CD other than a link to the ITunes site, and what I was sent does not seem to feature Here I go (unless its because I have already reviewed it) but three tracks - A Step Outside Time, Alive and Second Thoughts (as well as Here I Go) are all available for listening on the link above - and well worth the listen they are.

If you are not too strapped for cash, you could always buy a copy and support your local musicians innit?

To be honest, I have never had much time for the whole 'alternative' thing, more so when the alternative in question is American alternative What exactly is 'alternative' about regurgitated sub standard rock themes? Where The New Royalty score with me is because they are good songwriters and performers, backed up by some VERY good production and mixing, production that is, to the highest standard you would expect. That is what got me into Here We Go, and it's what makes the CD as a whole work too. Much more to the point, I'm sure many of your share my cringe whenever faced with a ballad, but When Poets Dream features a beaut in Alive, and look I still live, and I like to kill (and scalp) ballads on sight and have the trophies to prove it.

When you are young, cute and talented, the only other thing you need on your way to fame and fortune is a professionally produced 'product' and, most telling of all, a hefty slice of luck itself. Believe me, seen it a million times. You can have all that together and it's still nigh on impossible to crack the RW music business but there is another way. New York City - like London - has a established core of musicians working within it, but it's the Tri state area where these bands work. If I were a live music promoter in New Jersey (where the band are based) I would welcome live bands like The New Royalty with open arms because, dammit, they know their market and play to it accordingly. Doing it that way is hard work, for sure, but so much more satisfying when it pays off.

Very high class Alternative. Highly Recommended.

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