Friday, March 18, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - If You Can't...

Hear The Track Here

You catch me dressed in this cute little schoolboy outfit because I was trying a small experiment. I was trying to put myself in the shoes of some young naif blithely wandering the shady Soundclick streets without a care in the world, and then happening into Fear 2 Stop in full flow. How would said naif react? Run screaming home to Mommy? Run screaming at the band in order to render them limb from limb? Perk up their ears and wonder how come they can hear noises that only dogs can hear? It's an interesting conundrum I tell ya. See, the first time I encountered F2S I ran screaming home to Mommy, the second time (and 3rd, 4th, fifth ad nauseum) I screamed at the band and tried to rip their arms out of their sockets then - one fine day - the sky opened up and a light shone in my brain. Fear 2 Stop, the light said, actually can be accused of making music that only dogs can hear but is that actually a bad thing?

Nope, says I and I've liked them ever since.

Now if you are new to all this, I can imagine you are looking at me in that weird way, especially if you are listening to the track at the same time. What I found happening is that I started to appreciate what Fear 2 Stop actually do, although I can't say it's been an easy road. At this stage of the game I'm a seasoned professional and pretty much take Fear 2 Stop tracks in my stride but I have seen people literally dash out their brains rather than listen to another minute of it. I think I'd be there too except I know that Fear 2 Stop have been doing this for a very long time, and it is most definitely what they do best - should you have the musical constitution of course.

It isn't, despite what you may think, just noise. Although they do make a place for levels of dissonance you won't find elsewhere, they also make a kind of cross between freeform jazz and rock (the beats and bass) and soundscapes using digital and analog sounds in a way that defines them. Over those same years, Fear 2 Stop have steadily but surely built up a sizable Soundclick following but given the wider picture, I'd be interested to see if they could carry that into other places on the wider net scene. Now, anyone fancy a Fear 2 Stop video for example, or even - more prosaically - appearing on other sites than the old tried and tested. It's called preaching to the choir and it's self defeating.

Only F2S can do this. Highly Recommended wtf.

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